Worship is the highest priority of the Vineyard!

When we join together to sing songs, we aren’t just singing songs about God, we are singing songs directed to Him. This is an intimate time when our hearts connect with His and He can move in our midst. Everyone responds differently as we experience the power and presence of God corporately.

Some of us may feel overwhelmed with joy or sorrow, while others may experience healing or be set free from impulsive behaviors. In the Vineyard we welcome all responses to the presence of God and we encourage you to worship Him in the way that you are moved. You may want to sit and soak in the Spirit, or kneel in repentance. Some may stand with their hands raised to show reverence and awe. Others will clap or dance as they delight in the joy of the Lord. All of these and more are acceptable responses to the presence of our King because worship is a love interchange. As we receive His great love for us, we respond by giving back the praise and adoration that He deserves.

Because worship is our highest priority, we choose to incorporate worship into every aspect of ministry that takes place on Sunday’s and throughout the week.

There are lots of ways  to get involved with worship here at Heartland Vineyard. Small groups, Celebrate Recovery, Youth Band and Sunday morning worship services are several of the opportunities that are available.

Participants on these teams are usually involved with the ministry they lead worship for, but not always. Often these teams have more rehearsal time and are able to develop a unique sound to suit varying taste and meet different needs. Midweek worship teams are a great way to express creativity in worship and jump on board and get involved with the worship ministry here at the Heartland Vineyard Church.


Sound Team

The sound team is responsible for mixing the band and running the microphones used for speaking. This is a multifaceted job that requires a basic understanding of sound and a good ear for music. There are several different sound boards throughout the building- we will give you the proper training for the ministry in which you choose to serve. At times this ministry can involve the set up and tear down of equipment as well as troubleshooting problems and glitches. Overall, it is a fun and challenging place to serve in a vital area of ministry.

Media Team

The Media team is responsible for running the computers that project the sermon notes and the lyrics for the worship songs. Media Team members are needed for weekend services as well as various meetings throughout the week. The only skill required is a basic operation of computers. We will train you on the appropriate software and teach you everything you need to know.

Video Team

The video team is responsible for recording and editing video that is shown throughout the service. This may involve recording a video testimony or a brief commercial for a church event. This is a fun way to be technical and creative at the same time.

Michael Reed Michael Reed
Assoc. Worship Director

Kevin Briden Kevin Briden
Sound Director