Small groups are without question the most vital and life-giving aspect of the overall ministry of Heartland Vineyard. Small Groups are the essence of our church family.

Small Group Vision: We are ALL IN on discipleship! We believe that relationally-driven, biblically-rooted, missionally minded, spirit-led small groups is where we can truly disciple and be discipled. We don’t want to just be a church that has small groups; we want to be a church of small groups.


Grace Filled:

Grace is God’s love in action towards men who merited the opposite of love. Grace is the foundation on which we relate to God.

Relationally Driven:

Relationships are the currency of the Kingdom and an incredible mechanism for transformation.

Biblically Rooted:

The Bible is our main source for content/curriculum and testifies to the person Jesus. The Bible provides us a guide for how we do life and relationships. Matthew 18 and Ephesians 4.25-27 are essential for any healthy community.

Missionally Minded:

Small groups have a missional focus; they don’t exist just for themselves, but for Jesus and the world. When small groups embrace the great commission, they will organize grass roots service and evangelistic initiatives.

Spirit Led:

Plans can be set aside for what God wants to do in a group on any given night. We believe that the Spirit is always calling us to worship and prayer. Inviting the presence of God and the laying on of hands is far more powerful and effective than giving advice.

Small groups simply put are a group of people following Jesus together.

Need help finding a Small Group? Check out our small groups list online or contact us at 319-266-4673.


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