SOS Midwest 2013: Registration

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This is my first time attending SOS.
I have a CDL with a chauffer's license.

Allergies: PLEASE be sure to list any allergies (especially food) so we can be sure to make proper accomodations for you.

Pet Allergies
List specific pet allergies

Notes/Special Needs

We have limited availability for these activities: Airsoft, horseback riding, and rockwall climbing. Please indicate below if you would like to participate in two of these activities.
No longer available Airsoft
Horseback riding
Rockwall climbing

Host Homes
Please specify if you would like a host home or if you will make your own arrangements. Male students will stay at the YMCA. Due to limited space in host homes, groups may not be hosted together. We cannot guarantee host homes after July 12.

Registration fee includes admission to the Ken Davis Comedy concert, Lost Island Waterpark, and multiple adventures including airsoft, rock wall, zip line, horseback riding, beach, blob, pool, gym, mini golf, paddle boats, canoeing, rope swing, and a water slide.

We will be offering an opportunity for students and leaders to be baptized on Tuesday July 30th.