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We’re All Called

The foundation of all that we believe, say, and do is the Kingdom of God. Jesus proclaimed, explained and demonstrated the Kingdom of God throughout His life and ministry. The Kingdom of God can be defined simply as the rule and reign of God. The Kingdom of God becomes a reality when Jesus is the… Read more »


Hey everybody! I’ve once again hijacked Dan’s blog. Last week Dan was in Toronto. This week he and Roi Lene are unpacking boxes as they settle into their new house. At the same time, my wife and I are packing up boxes back in Michigan. However, we don’t know yet where their ultimate destination will… Read more »

Everything the Light Touches

On my first day at Heartland, I was praying and asked God, “Show me ways to be obedient and give me joy in it.” And he said to me, “Serve and respect my people.” I want you to know that is my heart. I want to serve you well. Even without knowing your stories, your passions,… Read more »

The Most Important Lesson in Life: Obedience

In light of the reports of Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson charged with child abuse for giving a “whoopin’” to his son, I saw this article written by Chip Ingram. There is no vocation more important than parenting. Disciplining your children, though tricky, is vital to the health of you, your child as… Read more »

God’s Opinion

Have you noticed that people can form opinions about other people that can be pretty twisted? I was doing some research on well-known Christian leaders and as I sorted through the Internet entries, I found radically different opinions about each person on different websites. These leaders were either viewed as saints or heretics, apostles or… Read more »

Prayer of Spiritual Warfare

I have been teaching from Ephesians 6:10-20 and have titled my series The Invisible War. Paul uses the metaphor of Roman armor as he teaches the church of Ephesus about how to embrace the victory we have over our spiritual enemies won for us by Jesus Christ. Paul uses six pieces of armor to explain… Read more »

An Agent of God

A Fifth Grade school teacher, Miss Thompson. started each year by telling her students, “Boys and girls, I love you all the same. I have no favorites.” Miss Thompson wasn’t being completely truthful. A boy smaller than most of the other boys, Teddy, was difficult for Miss Thompson to like. Teddy’s hair was unkempt. His… Read more »

Kids are not the future of the church…They are the church!

Did you know… Our children’s ministry, KidZone (Infant through Kindergarten) and the Garage (1st Grade through 5th Grade) requires 136 gifted, loving and devoted servant-leaders each month to care for, love and disciple our children. We presently have 72 of these gracious and generous followers of Jesus who are offering their time, talent and gifting… Read more »

God’s Love with Skin on It

There is a story about a little girl that had been tucked into bed by her mom and dad. Lovingly, Mom and Dad had prayed for her and kissed her goodnight. Soon she fell into a peaceful sleep. Hours later there was a thunderstorm that had rolled in and a bolt of lightning struck a… Read more »


Do you love hot dogs? How about baseball? What about apple pie? Or better yet, how about Chevys? Some would say I love to eat a hamburger while watch football and eating French silk pie and sitting in my Ford F150. Now that I love. People love their cats, their dogs, their favorite TV series… Read more »