God Stories...

Liz: Celebrate Recovery

My name is Liz Freeman and that is exactly what I have become at this church thru Celebrate Recovery and Jesus Christ. A free-woman! Back in 2005 I first attended Celebrate Recovery. After going thru numerous treatments, AA, and failed attempts at sobriety and marriage, I finally found what I needed. I struggled with drugs… Read more »

John & Kristen

You always hear people say that when you serve you come away feeling more blessed. After several years of serving in KidZone I can say that it’s no exception and a special privilege. One of the ways that it has blessed us the most is in bringing our family and our church family closer together…. Read more »


I am a beloved son of God, or as I recently started calling Him, Papa. I must admit, when I first started hearing the leaders of this church refer to God as Papa it struck me as odd and kind of bothered me. Are we really going to refer to the Almighty, creator of heaven… Read more »

Hands & Feet Ministry

Jesus gave us two commandments…to “Love God” and to “Love People.” He modeled what it meant to “Love People” by serving them. He healed, He cast out demons, He washed feet, He lifted people from the dead…and ultimately He died…all for us. We have a serving ministry here at Heartland Vineyard Church…it’s called Hands &… Read more »

Johan & Kelly: KidZone

Here’s the cool stuff from KidZone this morning… Amber C. came up and helped me teach on Faith. And when I say help, what I really mean is that she took over and I just sat back and watched. The lesson was on Faith and I pulled out baking soda, vinegar and a glass. Amber… Read more »

Brett: Street Ministry

My wife Christie and I have been attending Heartland Vineyard Church for a few months. Since joining the church we have had an overwhelming desire to serve the Lord in any way we can. I have found that Street Ministry put me on the right path by allowing me to share Gods love with others…. Read more »

Sarah: Haiti Missions

My husband couldn’t be here this morning, but for those of you who know him, you know that he prefers not to be up here anyway, and for those who don’t know him, just keep that in mind. I could probably take up the entire service talking about everything God is doing in Haiti, but… Read more »

Kate & Emma Testimony – Worship

We asked Emma and Kate to share a little about what serving on the worship team means to them. Everything that I have had a chance to help do with worship has been so awesome! I love being on worship team and I really enjoy all the people who are on it with me! It… Read more »