God Stories...


Hello my name is Heidi and I have been going to HVC since July 2013. My daughter and I have been baptized since then.  Let me start at the beginning. I am 37 years old and before coming to HVC it had been years since I had been to church, I think I was a… Read more »

Corey – Chicago

    Several years ago I was driving through Chicago. In one moment I am in awe at all the buildings and the melting pot of people moving so fast. In the next moment I am looking at all the sad faces and graffiti painted buildings. I prayed and asked God what I can do… Read more »

Baptism God Story

Something happened recently that made me very proud to say I am part of HVC. Our daughter was baptized last month. After her baptism, she went to school and told her class all about it.  During recess, a classmate asked her why she got baptized. Our daughter explained why she got baptized and answered her… Read more »

Missions: Tanya & Mark

I’m Tanya Robinson and my husband’s name is Mark. We live in Cedar Rapids. Mark works at General Mills and I am a stay-at-home mom. We started coming to church here 11 years ago because we heard of Heartland Vineyard’s connection with Mexico missions. We had a teenage daughter that we wanted to take on… Read more »


Earlier this spring, my wife Christie went to the first night of the Ed Tandy McGlasson conference. She asked me to join her for the following Saturday morning conference.   I was very hesitant to go because we had eight teen girls at a motel celebrating our daughter’s 14th birthday. Our 22 yr old daughter said… Read more »


My wife, Deliah, and I came to Heartland Vineyard Church a little over two years ago, just about this time of year. We were struggling in our marriage and I was dealing with severe anger issues. The first Sunday we were here, we sat right there in the front row. We asked Dan before we… Read more »


I have an operator that missed work on due to an emergency with his wife. Without going into detail, he informed me that the night before, something happened to his wife’s back/spine and that she was currently without use of her legs or “paralyzed” from the waist down. I received a text from him at… Read more »


Suppose you never owned a toothbrush. And if you did you had to share it with everyone in your family! My name is Mugs Barnes and I’d like to tell you why I love Operation Christmas Child. A 10 year old boy in India, where it is 100+ degrees, received a shoe box. Some Norwegian… Read more »


Who am I that God would even be mindful of me… and the Son of God… that He would die for me!? I’m so humbled by His presence in my brokenness. At Jr. & Sr. youth night I have a small group of about eight girls. Wednesday there was a new friend who came. She… Read more »


I’d like to share a short testimony of what it looks like to answer the Holy Spirit’s calling. I’ll call this Off the Bench and on to the Playing Field, actually doing the stuff! Over my years at the Vineyard, I’ve learned many things, but one thing in particular thing stands out. This is that… Read more »