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God Wants You on the Floor

I received this email from one of our members this week: “A while back you mentioned at the end of service that if we saw in our mind a person, God wanted us to pray for them. We waited for a moment and God showed me a person, a coworker who popped into my head…. Read more »

A Grace Filled Church with a Kingdom of God Mission

This week, my wife Roi Lene and I traveled to Iowa City to respond to God’s heart, not as pastors but as believers in Jesus Christ. We met with a young man whom we deeply love and is battling Leukemia. Then we visited a young family whose two year old daughter is suffering with a… Read more »

Sky or Heart – Where is God?

Today, I received a note from a new friend and brother in Christ. He is a young man in his twenties and he described to me a new and exciting development in his spiritual life that has been transforming. I asked him to write down what he had experienced and here’s what he wrote. I… Read more »

Do Real Men Hold Hands?

Years ago, I was in a small four seat airplane, flying to Albuquerque, New Mexico to help scout a High School football team we were going to play the following week. There were four of us in the plane; the pilot, our line coach, our linebacker coach and myself. We were all macho coaches with… Read more »

The Power of Connectedness

Yesterday, my son Josh and I had the privilege of having lunch with two men in our church, Dave Hackett and Mark Graham. Mark is a deer hunter and so the main course was “Deer Dogs”. They were fabulous. We talked and laughed and had a great time. This was not the first time I… Read more »

Is Pain an Avenue to God?

I took some time yesterday to go to our church website (heartlandvineyard.org), clicked on the YouTube icon, and listened to Nicki Reeves teach on “Sharing in the sufferings of Christ.” We have been teaching from Romans 8 and zeroing in on the idea of being adopted into Sonship and Daughterhood. The following is the passage… Read more »

Home Grown Missionaries

We love missions at Heartland Vineyard Church. In fact, we believe everyone who has Christ living in his or her heart is a missionary. We have a mission, that is, a call to make disciples of people living around us. We are called to reach out to all people, from family members to neighbors, from… Read more »

Kingdom Now

Our Kingdom Now conference with Ed McGlasson is going to be a great event. Ed has been a friend for many years and is one of my favorite speakers. He’ll make you laugh and cry at the same time. Ed is a long time student of the impact fathers make on the family, the church… Read more »

We Are a Kingdom of God People

This week, I was visiting with our staff about the most important things that drive our church. What are the hills we will fight for and if need be, die on? One of the “hills we will die on” is that we have embraced the Biblical truth that when Jesus came to earth 2,000 years… Read more »

Receive What Grace Offers

John Stott, a pastor in the Anglican church of England and a noted leader of worldwide evangelicalism, made the following observation:  “Faith’s only function is to receive what grace offers.” Is that what you believe?  We live in a high performance society. We are driven to excel and be obsessed with success. We long for… Read more »