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Daring Greatly

I’m not much of a downhill skier (sorry to bring up snow…as if it were winter). But when I do hit the slopes, I’m never content with staying upright. If I don’t end up in a heap at some point on the hill, it means that I’m not pushing myself. I hop back up and jump up to… Read more »

I Love Junior High

This past Wednesday I had the great privilege of teaching our Junior High students at our Youth Group meeting. Really I had a blast. I’m not certain the kids learned that much but we sure had fun. The time I spent with these young people made me so thankful for the leadership of our Youth… Read more »

Finding Peace in Your Finances

This past week, I received a note from a good friend, Steve Hinderhofer reporting to us the progress being made in the class he is teaching, Financial Peace University. Steve and Mary have been leading this class for several years and have led a class in Grundy Center where they live. This is a part… Read more »

School of Kingdom Ministry

Heartland Vineyard Church is in its second year of offering School of Kingdom Ministry, a 29 week course where students study their Identity in Christ and the Ministry of the Holy Spirit. Roi Lene and I are both enrolled as students, as are Amos Groenendyk, our new Student Ministries pastor, and his wife Alison, as… Read more »

A Miracle

Last night at about 8:00 p.m., I experienced a miracle. “A miracle?” you say. Now just so I can validate that statement, let me give you a definition of the word “miracle.” miracle (mir-uh-kuh-l) – an extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses known human or natural powers and is ascribed a supernatural cause…. Read more »

Giving is What We Do Best

In Eugene Peterson’s wonderful book, “Running with the Horses,” he describes a time in his life where he watched a mother bird teaching her three chicks how to fly. The mother swallow got alongside the chicks and started shoving them out toward the end of the branch – pushing, pushing, pushing. The end one fell… Read more »

We’re All Called

The foundation of all that we believe, say, and do is the Kingdom of God. Jesus proclaimed, explained and demonstrated the Kingdom of God throughout His life and ministry. The Kingdom of God can be defined simply as the rule and reign of God. The Kingdom of God becomes a reality when Jesus is the… Read more »


Hey everybody! I’ve once again hijacked Dan’s blog. Last week Dan was in Toronto. This week he and Roi Lene are unpacking boxes as they settle into their new house. At the same time, my wife and I are packing up boxes back in Michigan. However, we don’t know yet where their ultimate destination will… Read more »

Everything the Light Touches

On my first day at Heartland, I was praying and asked God, “Show me ways to be obedient and give me joy in it.” And he said to me, “Serve and respect my people.” I want you to know that is my heart. I want to serve you well. Even without knowing your stories, your passions,… Read more »

The Most Important Lesson in Life: Obedience

In light of the reports of Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson charged with child abuse for giving a “whoopin’” to his son, I saw this article written by Chip Ingram. There is no vocation more important than parenting. Disciplining your children, though tricky, is vital to the health of you, your child as… Read more »