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Live to Give

Most Americans view Christmas as a “Season of Generosity.” Gifts are given; people give to organizations such as Salvation Army and United Way, not to mention family gifts as we celebrate Christmas. It’s a wonderful time of year. However, I pray our lives reflect a life where “We live to give.” To be generous 365… Read more »

Romans Conversation

I recently had a wonderful conversation with a member of HVC after our first service last Sunday. Following the conversation, I received this email. I hope it inspires you like it inspired me. Pastor Dan, I’m so excited to tell you that I have really enjoyed your sermons on grace in Romans. I read Romans… Read more »

b3 versus e3

How do we measure success in the church? How do we know if we are hitting the mark in terms of God’s call on our lives as a body of believers? There are churches that measure success using the b3 method. The measure of success in these churches are the number of “Bucks, Buildings and… Read more »

Secular Music

Below is an email response I recently sent to someone who was concerned about our playing Johnny Cash (and other “secular” music) during our greeting song. I hope you find my response gracious, but I’m sharing it with all of you because I hope you find it helpful… Hello My name is Amos Groenendyk, I’m one… Read more »

My Stump Speech

Every politician has what they call a stump speech. The term is derived from the custom in the 19th century in America when political candidates campaigning from town to town stood upon a cut down tree’s stump to deliver a standard speech that summarized and characterized what they believed. This afternoon, I ran into a stranger… Read more »

Faith Accesses Grace

There has been for centuries a misunderstanding of the purpose of the law. People still insist that the law was given by God to be kept by man and thereby establishing through earning favor through a holy life a relationship with God. This is NOT the purpose of the law which Paul establishes in Romans… Read more »

Religion is not the Answer

As we have been studying Romans, chapter 1 tells us that everyone, all humanity is in the same condition. We are all broken by the effects of sin and therefore separated from God. Because of our sinful state, we all deserve to die. And we can’t plead ignorance because we are “without excuse.” God has… Read more »

The Power of God’s Kindness

Romans 2:4 Or do you presume on the riches of his kindness and forbearance and patience, not knowing that God’s kindness is meant to lead you to repentance? God’s goodness, His kindness is what causes people to repent, that is, to turn from their old ways of thinking and acting. His wrath does not accomplish that goal. God’s wrath… Read more »

Without Excuse

As we begin an eight week study on the first eight chapters of the book of Romans, I will be writing blogs that go along with my teaching. But there is nothing that can replace getting into a Small Group and together with a few brothers and sisters in Christ, ruminating on the scripture. We… Read more »


This question has come up a lot lately in reference to Heartland Vineyard Church. It goes something like, “What is the vision of Heartland Vineyard Church?” Another way I’ve heard this put is, “Where is Heartland Vineyard Church going?” Let me take some time and describe what I saw nearly thirty years ago that gave… Read more »