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When Things Don’t Go As Planned

I like a plan. I like knowing the general direction the course of life is going to take. When I was a High School football coach, we never went into a game without a game plan. The game plan wasn’t rigid. Things could change along the way but our game plan offered us the basic… Read more »

I’ll admit it. I’m a Duck Dynasty fan!

The source of my “addiction” to this crazy show can be traced to a friend of mine who attends and serves in our church, Randy Weeks. I went over to Independence to see Randy after he had “laid his motorcycle down” and severely broke his leg. We visited, I prayed for Randy and got ready… Read more »

Why Did Jesus Prefer Kids?

Kids are really awesome. Even though sometimes they press the patience of adults, they have qualities that unfortunately we adults have somehow outgrown. Adults can become so sophisticated that we resist full expressions of emotions such as joy, sadness, excitement and such. But kids are different. You know just how children feel and they say… Read more »

Viewing our Children with Wisdom

Camp Vineyard, our version of Vacation Bible School begins this week. Much work and planning has already gone into preparing for the hundreds of kids that will be arriving for worship, teaching/equipping and a whole lot of fun. Our facility will be buzzing with activity beginning Monday, June 24th through Wednesday, June 26th. A large… Read more »

Believing Leads to Behaving

In the summer of 1968, I was getting ready to go into my junior year of high school. I had just come out of the hay field from a long day of baling. It was a hot, muggy July afternoon. As I walked toward our home with one thing on my mind, a good cold… Read more »

Cared for and Connected – Just Say Yes

People ask me, “What do you do for fun?”  My response, “I play with my grandkids.”  Our youngest grandchild, Mia, is 20 months old. She is gaining a richer vocabulary and her personality is developing beautifully. She is a real character and loves to play rough with Grandpa. A few days ago, Roi Lene and… Read more »

Why Plant New Churches?

The Heartland Vineyard Church started in a living room twenty three years ago. When we first began to share our vision of planting a church, the question that seemed to always come up was, “Why plant a new church? Aren’t there enough churches in the Cedar Valley?”    To the casual observer, there seems to… Read more »

Season 2 and Enlisting Young Leaders

When I was in High School, athletics were a big part of my life. There are so many things you learn while competing in sports. I found my love for baseball and football early on. One of the hazards of playing football, at least in our High School was that in the spring, whether you… Read more »

Do It Yourself

In the past several years there has been a wave of new businesses that market their products based on the idea of doing it yourself. Some of the leading “DIY” businesses are based on assembling your own meals, your own pottery, your own teddy bears, your own backyard decks, brewing your own coffee or producing… Read more »

Unifying Around 7 Priorities

Disunity is the single greatest threat to the Body of Christ. Read that sentence again. Read it one more time. I’m certain if you’ve been a Christian for more than a few months, you’ve heard church leaders, pastors and teachers talk about the importance of unity.  It is almost cliché, even trivial to mention unity. … Read more »