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Do It Yourself

In the past several years there has been a wave of new businesses that market their products based on the idea of doing it yourself. Some of the leading “DIY” businesses are based on assembling your own meals, your own pottery, your own teddy bears, your own backyard decks, brewing your own coffee or producing… Read more »

Unifying Around 7 Priorities

Disunity is the single greatest threat to the Body of Christ. Read that sentence again. Read it one more time. I’m certain if you’ve been a Christian for more than a few months, you’ve heard church leaders, pastors and teachers talk about the importance of unity.  It is almost cliché, even trivial to mention unity. … Read more »

A New Season

Our family lived in New Mexico for ten years.  After the fifth year, we began to miss the changing of the seasons.  We even began to miss winter.  I know….it’s hard to believe.  Now, living in Iowa for twenty-five years, my favorite seasonal change is winter to spring.  The air is fresh, the trees are… Read more »