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Jesus meets a girl in a strip club

I love Street Ministry.  I love helping the hurting, the helpless, the hopeless.  I love seeing God at work in their lives, trying to get more into their hands today, just where they are.  It was a rainy night. Dreary actually.  And cold.  It’s easy to focus on those things and miss God in each moment.  And then there were the divine appointments.  It seemed like everyone had a physical need (food or prayer) and was also in need of a word of encouragement.  We rallied to the cause and blessed them with bags of groceries and were blessed.  That so like God.

And then we hit the clubs… the strip clubs…  my first time in a strip club in many decades. It hasn’t changed much.  So, my take away was this:  these gals have been stripped of nearly everything, not just their clothes.  But in their defense, these ladies are fighters.  They believe that the lost will be saved, and there will be an end to their suffering. We confirmed what they knew, but they need to hear it again, and again, and again. They need to be reminded of their value and their purpose in life.  They need to know who they are, and whose they are.  Their debts been paid.

So when I got home I couldn’t get their faces out of my mind.  But it was Rene that captured my heart.  She hung on every word of my testimony, nearly crawling into my chair.  She kept shaking her head and saying yes, yes, yes, and then she said “what next?” and “then what?”  And then she had her hand on my knee because she knew that she could trust me, that we had shared in tough times, tough decisions, successes, failures.  We had walked some of the same path together.  And today her names goes on my ‘impossible prayer list’.  Because in the natural there seems to be no way out, such hopelessness.  So I will pray that she will find the way that God provides, and that the timing will be perfect and that she will be ready.  And while God is faithful and true to every promise, I will pray every day until I can see these ladies again.

—Kay Cervetti