Your Faith at Work Workshop

Your Faith at Work

See God’s design.

Grow in boldness.

Saturday, February 17, 8am-11am

This workshop will help participants integrate their faith and work with confidence. The goal will be to help people see that God wants to partner with them in their work and that God has provision for whatever comes to them in the workplace. Work is something God has prepared and desires for us, not something he tolerates us doing. The workshop will show the importance of living out faith with boldness and how God prepares opportunities to work and speak through us every day.

Those who join will listen to two speakers on God’s design for their work and walking in boldness. This interactive workshop will include a time of individual reflection, action plans, prayer, discussion and sharing. God has answers and ideas for everything that comes to us at work. Participants will be transformed through identifying areas and opportunities within their work where they want to seek God and rely on him for more.

Workshop speakers will be Ryan S. Howard, founder of, who has seen God move greatly in business, and Chris Kelly, who has led thousands of people to Christ in the military, in factories, in construction, on oil rigs and through other creative ministries.