OUR Church

Written by Carrie Metz, HVC Family Ministries Director

I recently heard someone say, “I don’t serve in the church I have, I serve in the church I want it to be.”  At first read, this statement may seem pretty presumptious – but the more you read it the more you hear the incredible truth behind it.

Our first visit to Heartland Vineyard years ago was a morning that really shaped our perception of the church and the people that called HVC “home”.  We took our 3 year old to Kidzone and was greeted by a man that had full sleeve tattoos, a beard and a kind smile (and it wasn’t Boomer!).  We weren’t quite sure what to do in Kidzone, so he smiled and said, no problem, I’ll answer any questions you have!  Not only did he make us feel at home, he made our kids feel welcomed and at home as well.  He even offered to pray with us.  We left Kidzone feeling an immediate sense of peace and ready to worship.

That first morning our only conversations were with the church family, not with the staff or pastors, and it was an incredible morning.  I believe the people we encountered were being the “church they wanted it to be.”  We felt at home because of the people.  People that had no idea who we were, where we were from or what our story was.  They didn’t care, they just welcomed us, prayed with us or just gave us a smile.

With two services on the horizon, there are multiple opportunities to “serve in the church you want it to be.”  One of our highest desires is that Heartland Vineyard Church  is “our church.”  All of us, working together, making it the church that Jesus desires it to be.

Of course, one of those opportunities to serve is in VC Kids.  We would sure love to have you!  The impression we had that very first Sunday in Kidzone made a huge impact on us and our kids.  I hope that we can bless families in that same way.  Come on board and help us make VC Kids one of the greatest spots in a family’s week!