Let your life speak

Written by Carrie Metz, HVC Family Ministries Director

My oldest son recently returned from an internship in Thailand.  Certain checkpoints in our life lead to times of reflection and Braden graduating and then moving has certainly been one of those checkpoints for me.

I have always been a reader.  When I was first pregnant I read everything from the Baby Whisperer to Dare to Discipline.  I inhaled books about boys, about sleep schedules, about caring for children’s hearts, you name it.  I had a deep desire to be a good Mom and for our kids to be raised “right.”

As life happened and the years had their ups and downs, I realized that although all of those books were really good, there was an essential element missing.  My spiritual life.  I could tell you what kids need spiritually, how to best introduce Jesus, what children’s Bibles were best, but my own spiritual life was lacking.  When my kids were a little older, I picked up a book titled, “Let your life speak.”  Honestly, it isn’t a great book, but I didn’t need to read it.  The title hit me straight in the heart.  I knew what God was speaking to me.  I can do, do, do and say, say, say to my kids but my own spiritual life will speak the most.

The biggest gift we can give to our children is our own walk with Jesus.  Your personal investment in Jesus will reap the biggest return for your family.  Pursue Him, know Him, love Him.  It will change you and in return, will change your family.

Families have been a big topic of discussion the last few months here at the Heartland Vineyard.  How do we best come alongside families who are healthy?  Who are struggling?  Who need guidance?  Who need community? Although we may not have answers to those questions completely, we are excited for 2018 and what God has been laying on our hearts for the families of HVC and the Cedar Valley.