Kingdom Kids!

Some inspiring vision from our Family Ministries Director, Carrie Metz!

So often we train our children with the underlying goal being “for when they grow up.”  Obviously, this is a great initiative, but so often we forget the work that kids have before them NOW.  God invites our children in the story he is writing TODAY.  To be light in the dark places now.  To be hope to the hopeless tomorrow in school.  To be kindness in an unkind world tonight at practice.  To be strength when everyone around them is weak.  This doesn’t mean perfect children, but rather, kids that are aware that a bigger story, a very exciting story, is taking place and the creator of all has invited them to be a part of it.  When we shift our focus from “we as adults are the only answer”, we begin to train up a generation of kids that know that there is a battle taking place and they have an active role in participating.  We will train up kids that go to Jesus to be the source of light in the dark places.  We train up kids to know that they have access to God the Father today – not just their parents or leaders.  We train up children that are a part of the solution, not bystanders or part of the problem.

As Missionaries train, equip and empower people to be a part of the work in their own land, so we believe in training up our children and students to do the work “in their own land.”  Here at HVC, we intentionally pool resources into our children’s and youth ministries because we believe what this generation can do NOW.  That God isn’t waiting to use them when they reach 18 or have a family of their own, but they have an invitation to be a part of what God is doing today.